Getting help for your business doesn't always have to include a long term commitment or investment!

Having coached business owners for close to two decades I have seen every example of help, support and coaching offer out there.

For a long time I have worked 1:1 with clients in minimum commitments ranging from 4 - 12 months. I know coaching is not a quick fix for anything and have found longer term commitments can significantly influence results for some people.

But not for everyone.

I am also a realist and know there are many situations when you might want to tap in and

  • chat to someone with business, marketing, mindset, leadership and other kinds of experience and expertise you don't have
  • soundboard an idea you've been trying to get clear on and progress forward with
  • have someone's eyes cast over your offer, program, launch strategy or a specific area of your business
  • review your pricing to ensure it is profitable and as appropriate as possible for you and your clients in the current market
  • map out your offers so you are clear on what you will be selling, their key inclusions, benefits, ideal pricing and when to sell them
  • define a business growth plan that takes you and your ideal clients into account at every step
  • get clear on your profit pathways so you understand where to focus your time, energy, money and action to maximise your profits moving forward
  • talk about a current situation you want support to understand or work through so you get the clarity and insight you need to make the best decisions for you moving forward

Often you also want to do that in one or two sessions only.

Making a longer term commitment just isn't what you want or need.

I get it.

I've loved both long term coaching support and the laser focused sessions where we worked through a specific thing that amplified my ability to move forward with momentum and ease.

I'm always reflecting on the best ways I can take my experience and expertise and create an offer that will support you in ways that would be most helpful right now.

Introducing the Ease-FULL Business Strategy Session!

With my commitment to reflection and flexibility I decided to offer one off 1:1 strategy sessions a few months ago.

In these 60 or 120 minute sessions we can accomplish so much. My goal is to quickly determine what you want to accomplish in our time together and to work collaboratively with you to ensure we achieve what is most helpful for you right now.

This starts with meeting you were you are at so our time together is truly all about you! And it ends with you feeling a greater sense of ease, having clarity and a well defined direction to take.

Book below and you can use your strategy session any time until the end of this year.
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    “I’m so grateful for Shannon’s guidance, wisdom and presence over the past year of working with her as my business coach.I have gained clarity and confidence to move forward with my vision of doing business my own way and on my own terms.

    Her Thrive Factor Archetypes have helped me to understand how to harness my strengths and hone my challenges. I especially loved having her as a guest speaker on my women’s retreat this year and highly recommend connecting with her if you are seeking a business coach. Shannon's support at a time of significant transition for me in my business has been immeasurable. Shannon, you are such a blessing!”  Fin James

    “Earlier this year, I needed to make important decisions about the direction of my business which was scaling very fast. I was seeking a coach with wisdom and integrity, so I chose Shannon. I knew the extensive breadth of her experience and expertise and knowledge of my personal Thrive Factor profile and Archetypes, combined with a respect for my Human Design, would allow me to make an informed decision that was true to me.

    I also knew working with Shannon would offer me the greatest chance of sustained and effortless success. Shannon offered me deeper insights, revealed opportunities to scale with ease and empowered me with the vision of success”  Barbara Brangan, Success + Impact Mentor


    “I can’t believe I even questioned having a business coach. Fortunately for me I chose a fab one!

    Shannon has helped me in so many ways and because I started working with her earlier than I thought I needed  help in my business I was able to launch my Health Coaching business so much earlier than originally anticipated and immediately signed clients I was so excited to work with.

    Systems have been put in place, my content and marketing strategy are clear and I have a growing library of professional, on brand resources to share with my clients and community. I have launched a number of programs that are the best solutions for my ideal clients and where they are at and my visibility is expanding all the time. But more than that, I feel confident in my own wisdom and have belief in my strengths and my knowledge which has been a game changer.

    As a bonus, learning my Thrive Factor Archetypes and how to leverage my innate strengths has been the most incredible experience. And I love being able to access all of her amazing programs as I get them as part of our coaching. Shannon is my cheerleader and my wisdom woman!” Lou Carbone - Health & Hormone Coach

    Book your ease-full business strategy session below

    You can select a "Strategy Session" of 60 minutes, or if you know there is more depth to what you want to explore, book the "Double Strategy Session" and get 2 hours for us together & save $160

    Prices are in $USD (Unites States dollars) and include GST for Australian residents.
    No refunds are available for this offer.

    Once you have finalised payment, an email will be sent to you with next steps. Check your spam folder if it doesn't arrive. It'll be from

    There is a limit of two sessions per person, irrelevant of the session length you choose.
    Change the quantity below to secure your preferred option.
    Can be used anytime through to the end of 2023.

    The strategy session cannot be used for Thrive Factor profiling - if you'd like to do that please let me know and I can share the link for you to book that option

    book me in!
    “I engaged Shannon after spending six months on my own setting up my consulting business because I was fascinated with the principles that underpin Shannon’s female centric Archetypes, The Thrive Factor Framework®.

    I had done some work with Shannon previously but never the full VIP 1:1 coaching package. I knew nothing about marketing and found it very difficult to navigate through the endless books and online marketing material that exists. It felt like I needed someone who just understood what I needed and also would be able to help me with my jumbled-up thoughts and unstructured approach. The thought of writing content on social media filled me with fear!

    Exploring my Thrive Factor Archetypes was one of the best things I have done for my self awareness and understanding. The best part for me is that Shannon works with your Archetypes to activate and amplify thriving in every area of your business.

    We focused on the marketing strategies that are tailored to you and how you work best!

    I was sat at home trying to create a business and Shannon kindly pointed out that I should be leveraging my Networker Connector and getting out there and in front of people. It was so simple but I wasn’t doing it and that’s when I started to really find my effortless success zone and feel like I really was thriving as a business woman.

    I was connecting with people 3-4 times per week and my website, which I discovered was not the primary focus, went on hold whilst I leveraged those things that came naturally to me.

    Shannon helped me with how to write exceptional content, and within a few weeks I was consistently writing my own content on various social media platforms.

    I also joined many of Shannon’s programs and masterclasses. They were brilliant and contained some very powerful and important processes for any business owner to work through to understand their business growth and marketing strategies and where their current thought patterns may be holding them back. I learned useful information, processes and strategies I can use for a lifetime.

    The biggest benefit for me working with Shannon was the empowerment. I now feel confident to be able to manage my own marketing for my business using my unique strengths.

    If you told me this time last year that I would be blogging regularly, have my own website that I created, have a positive money and marketing mindset, and able to talk about myself in a way that makes sales, I would not have believed you!

    I would recommend anyone with their own business, at whatever stage, to invest in the full VIP 1:1 coaching experience with Shannon so you can go on the same journey as I have. Shannon truly cares and has a passion for growing others through her own wisdom and vast experiences.  Thank you so much for all your brilliant support this year – its been truly amazing working with you Shannon.” Jodie Gerrard - HR Corner

    Hey, I'm Shannon, your coach, cheerleader, and mentor to making business, career and life easier.
    They call me a business & life Liberator!
    What I am is an Illuminator...

    A super creator, visionary thinker, liberation loving, inspiration seeking, potentialist, excitable cheerleader, chai devotee, stand up paddleboard addict, disco tragic, poet and artist!

    Here's some more info about me from my profesh bio;

    Shannon Dunn is an international multi award-winning Australian businesswoman, retreat leader and regularly sought out as a keynote speaker. She's the proud Amazon best-selling author of The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone, a book introducing you to the archetypal framework changing the way women interact with themselves and the world. She is also author of 2022's Bragaudacious; the art of bold self celebration, 2013's Personal Leadership Style, and a co-author 8 times over of books focused on business, success and leadership,

    In 2019 Shannon and The Thrive Factor book were awarded the international winner, Top Female Author in Business/Politics, as awarded by The Authors In 2021 Shannon was named one of the top 10 Business Coaches in Australia by Gig Super. In 2022 she received dual silver awards in the categories of Leadership and Best Blogger/Writer/Author at the Roar Business Awards. In January 2023 she was nominated 3 individual times for the Women Changing the World awards and became a finalist in Micro Business Woman of the Year category.

    She is the host of She Leads She Thrives Podcast, created to showcase the voices of women worldwide. Since it's launch in October 2022 it's download numbers place it in the top 5 of podcasts according to the experts of the podcast world.

    She has spoken alongside the likes of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and been invited to be a speaker for events to feature Gabby Bernstein, SARK, Tererai Trent, Lisa Messenger and more. Don't know who they are? Google them.

    Shannon holds space as a visionary for ambitious, ingenious women who are coaches, creators and impact makers. They are true #thriveseekers searching for more out of life and business. They are here to do big things and not ashamed to tell the world. Shannon helps them to embody their Thrive Factor Archetypes, teaching them to claim their innate potential and turn their wisdom and what they know into a profitable impactful, legacy creating business without unhealthy hustle and overwhelm!

    Shannon has two decades of genuine coaching expertise and has been championing women in business to thrive as a cornerstone of her work for over 30 years (when you include her decade in corporate leadership) via 1:1 coaching, business mastermind programs, retreats and oodles of thrive focused training. In 2019 she expanded the thriving woman revolution with the launch of Thrive Factor School offering certification programs teaching women in business the art of Archetype Profiling and Self Leadership Coaching using the Thrive Factor Framework®. Shannon's vision is to have licensed Thrive Factor Coaches® all over the world, supporting their clients to activate and amplify authentic, sustainable thriving. Always on their terms.

    Shannon's obsessions include influencing through her innovative style of coaching and support to see more women;
    • leading profitable businesses with ease
    • prioritising deep nourishing rest so you have sustainable energy when you want it
    • authentically thriving... #ofcourse
    • know what it means to be a self led soul, fully aware of how influential they are on all aspects of their lives
    • creating meaningful impact being 100% themselves
    • express their individuality leading a business in their own way
    • unlocking their effortless success zone so they never question their purpose, impact or legacy
    • collaborating together to ripple thriving into the world in ways that everyone benefits

    This Biz Yoda (lovingly named by her community), business andd life liberator and illuminator, is here to shift the landscape for the women of the world and lead a revolution of women thriving.

    She's in a conscious relationship with her 4 Thrive Factor Archetypes, Visionary Creator - the Strategic Illuminator, Liberator Engineer - the Freedom Weaver, Inspirer Believer - the Cheerleader Potentialist and Mentor Teacher - the Wisdom Woman. Together, they create a unique, one of a kind experience for you and your business.

    2023 All Rights Reserved Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Co

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    Read Shannon's Inclusion Journey Statement here
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    A note from Thrive Factor Co CEO Shannon Dunn about working with her and engaging with any Thrive Factor Co products, programs and services.

    Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products, services and their potential. Examples shared in any  examples included above are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings or outcomes. Earning potential is influenced by the person using the products, services, programs, ideas, strategies and techniques shared with them. We do not purport any of our products or services to be a "get rich scheme" or claim they will lead to you earning a minimum level of income or a certain result. The coaching and education you experience is designed to evolve your relationship with yourself and your business. The speed and magnitude at which that happens is unique to each person and business.

    Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified if requested. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our content is influenced by and depends on the a large number of factors, including your past personal and business experience and the time you dedicate to our products, services, programs, ideas, strategies and techniques shared with you along with your finances, knowledge and various skills. As these factors differ according to each individual, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. But we want you to succeed and achieve the outcomes you want to experience. We commit to working with you within the scope of our practice to support this to happen.

    i, Shannon Dunn, CEO and founder of Thrive Factor Co have over two decades of coaching and business training and expertise. I am also a qualified counselor and therapist and practice with trauma awareness due to my professional experience and expertise. I am acutely aware of my scope of practice and will refer you to a more suitable form of support or guidance if what you want and need is not something I am qualified or equipped to provide. I am continually learning and evolving as a coach and I am dedicated to leading by example. I am committed to practicing from an ethical position and always willing to meet you where you are at and to work collaboratively with you to find the right solution or solutions for you.

    As I evolve and become more informed about the most appropriate ways to work with you as a coach and an educator, things may change in our business model. Any change will be made with the best interests of our clients front of mind and heart and always communicated to our valued community if it affects any current commitment you have made with Thrive Factor Co.

    As a company we believe in a pricing model that offers a range of options. We believe in payment plans and offer them for a majority of our services and programs. We do not agree with marketing that is driven by scarcity and fear of missing out, or that preys on personal insecurities or beliefs. As of January 2023 will began offering a flat rate pricing structure, thus removing early bird pricing and savings for pay in full. We do not believe in "penalising" anyone who chooses a payment plan by making you pay more than the small additional amount of administrative fees incurred administratively for offering payment plans. Please be patient as we transition this change across the company and our entire suite of offers, products, programs and services.

    Unless otherwise stated, there is a 30 day written notice period to cancel ongoing coaching services. Any payments due in the time between your request to cancel and the end of the 30 day period, will be charged as per the agreed rate. No refunds are available on masterclasses or programs, masterminds. For retreats and other in person events you will find relevant cancellation and refund policies included in your related agreement.

    If at any time you are not satisfied with your experience, reach out to Thrive Factor co and let us know. When you work with us you are provided with the contact details needed to communicate with us. You will always be listened to and your concerns, queries or anything else you raise with us will be acknowledged with respect, confidentiality and taken seriously.

    Last reviewed May 2023.