In 2024 the (self) leadership & legacy retreats are expanding.
Two locations.
Two completely unique experiences.
Two inspirational countries to choose from!
Which one calls to your soul?

This is a heartfelt, personal invitation to every ambitious, determined, know-a-lot (ingenious) woman leading a business.

I’ve got the most incredible thing to tell you about.  It’s about a dream I’ve began having over and over again over a decade ago. It comes and goes when I sleep and when I am awake. It’s always the same.

It doesn’t change, although the faces come in and out of focus as time goes by. That’s the evolution of it - welcoming in different souls as they are called forward to a next level of self and business. Despite the strength, courage and tenacity of this dream to stay strong in my mind, my visions, my creativity, it is also one that evolves as naturally and beautifully as we each evolve.

I see a circle of women.
Sitting, sharing, learning, laughing; together we are growing and discovering, connecting and remembering how very magnificent and impactful we all are.
Each and every one of us.
Bright souls who are alive with ideas and dreams of thriving, effortlessly, sustainably, joyfully.
The souls are generous, loving beings who give so much to others and rarely make time for themselves. The intention to is real but it just doesn't happen often enough. Not real time where you can disconnect and recharge with the sort of energy that keeps you going for a long time.
Lasting, renewable, inspired energy.  

You know the sort don’t you?
Maybe you don’t.
I do. I’m so grateful I do. Let me tell you about it; this impactful energy…

It’s the sort of energy I feel when I take time out each year to disconnect from life and business to actually reconnect to me.
To reconnect to my dreams, creativity, inspiration, vision for the future and ideas for right now.
That sort of energy.
It is the energy of leadership - truly being a self led woman, a self led soul. And it is the energy of legacy and what I desire to leave in this world; the impact I want to make.

It’s the sort of energy that helps me to take action, to think clearly, to be productive, to feel more blend, balance, alignment. It's the sort of energy that's now a non negotiable for me as a woman leading a business designed to thrive and creating a legacy designed to create rippling, positive impact. 

Like you, I am a dreamer with big dreams and bold ideas. Someone who equally wants a simple life and time with those most important to me, including myself. A woman like you. Yes, that may sound like a cliche but it's totally true.

Giving yourself and your business the gift of time away to experience the space to disconnect to reconnect, to amplify and clarify and to discover how to move forward as a leader on a path to creating legacy, is one of the best things you'll ever do. It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of leading a business and the juggle of trying to blend and balance a life filled with family, commitments and little moments of time for yourself.

I've got a solution for you. It is this invitation. Join me and lets co-create the dream I’ve had for us all - let it become a reality for you. 

This is your invitation to join me for a week long experience.

The Leadership & Legacy Business Retreat with Shannon Dunn, in either Siem Reap, Cambodia, or Ubud, Bali, offers the opportunity for women in business to take time out of and away from their business to reflect on, plan and support themselves and their business for future growth and success. The retreats run from 

  • Cambodia: 5th - 12th March 2024
  • Bali: 17th  – 24th August 2024

what are we doing?
My first response to this question is always “where do I start?”

I've invested a lot of time to get clear on the right blend of activities and experiences to make the most of the core focuses of our time together - the right blend of things to explore our theme of what it means to be a self led soul.

Here's a little snapshot of some of what I've got planned, based on the experiences successfully shared as part of the previous, multiple, sold out retreats I have hosted. 

Each incredible experience and workshop has been chosen to activate the thriving I dream of for you. I also want to add a degree of personlisation, so the final schedule will be defined with the registered participants in mind.

If you are a return attendee, know that some of the activities may be the same, but I know you understand, from personal experience, that repeating activities on subsequent retreats does not diminish the experience in any way. Each and every thing you experience is uniquely expressed and offers layers of benefits for you, your business and the legacy you are creating.

In fact I have found repeating some things enriches the entire retreat and I have personally looked forward to doing the same things year after year at the retreats I have attended. Some of this has made my retreat experiences as an attendee feel like I am coming home each time I return. I look forward to you feeling that too whether this is your first Thrive Factor Co Retreat, or you have attended multiple retreats with me in the past.

You'll all be women leading businesses, seeking time out for a variety of reasons. I want to understand those reasons and see what I can do to magnify the time you spend away at the Leadership & Legacy - Self Led Soul Retreat 2024 so it is the most rewarding experience in every moment. You having the most incredible time is super important to me.
hear from 2023 retreat participant Kerryn Slater about her experience
a note about the service providers we work with & the Thrive Factor Co commitment to prioritise local wherever possible
Since I began attending retreats well over a decade ago there was a part of me that paid attention to the kinds of people we connected with for the experiences and support to bring each retreat to life.

When I decided to host my first retreat in 2018 in Bali it was a priority from a values perspective, to choose local providers as frequently as possible. As a business owner I understand the significant difference being paid for your services makes to you and your family and community.

If I could, even in small ways, pay local people for their services, products and support, then that is what I will always do. In Bali it has been relatively easy to engage incredible people and businesses that are locally owned, or who prioritise the local community and give back where they can. I appreciate working with other businesses and service providers who are aware of diversity, equity, inclusivity and social justice and will continue to seek out to work with businesses that prioritise these things in their business practice.

In Cambodia this will also be a focus and I look forward to creating an incredible connection with multiple individuals and businesses to ensure all Thrive Factor Co retreats prioritise local providers wherever possible.
"time to think about upcoming and different opportunities"

"Wow! I loved every minute of this retreat. What a beautiful time away being in magical Bali.
It really allowed me some time to step out for an important break and to have the opportunity to dedicate some time to think about upcoming and different opportunities to achieve business results as well as personal mindful practices." 2023

Rachel Gardiner, Soul Elements
"thoughtful and pivotal business sessions, amazing excursions"

The week is full of thoughtful and pivotal business sessions, amazing excursions, many beautiful and wise conversations with thriving businesswomen, cultural experiences and plenty of space for free time to swim, enjoy the glorious sunshine, shop, eat lots of yummy food and be in beautiful nature which is Bali!
Thank you, Shannon, this experience has left me feeling rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit." 2023

Lou Carbone, The Peppermint Tree

"an exceptional retreat experience"

"Shannon provides an exceptional retreat experience. There is a lovely balance between the "work" part of retreat, enjoying the company of the other ladies, time for self and exploring the culture of the destination.
Shannon's diplomacy and wisdom ensures support and inclusivity for all, making for a beautiful synergy between all participants.
The cultural immersion and group activities were amazing to say the least - I left feeling that I had experienced "the best of beautiful Bali" And not only this, I returned home feeling I had also rediscovered and acknowledged myself thus allowing me to live with greater intention. I highly recommend Shannon's retreats and have already registered for her next one!
Going on a retreat had been a long term dream that finally came true. It exceeded my expectations in every way and I look forward to attending another one with Thrive Factor Co in the future." 2023

Kelly P, Mia & Bella Co
our itinerary

Day 1

On arrival in your chosen destination country, you'll make your way to the retreat accommodation. For Bali, it's roughly a 2 hour car ride from the airport, depending on traffic and the time of day you arrive. For Siem Reap, the trip is shorter, with the international airport located not far from the city.

If possible, I encourage you to arrive on a flight landing in your destination early afternoon local time, at the latest, so you have plenty of time to make your way to our delightful accommodation. You will be advised of the exact location closer to departure date. The intention is that it will be a venue complete with air conditioning and swimming pool, offering a welcome retreat from the balmy tropical heat.

You may wish to arrive in your chosen destination before our Retreat officially starts. That's fabulous, and you then simply need to organise your transport directly to our location and our accommodation on our first day.

We start with an official welcome circle early evening of Day 1 so we can get to know each other and explore what you want to get out of the Retreat. You'll likely be a mix of excited and tired after traveling, so it'll be an early night so you can rest up and get to know your private room and surroundings in a relaxed manner.  I can't wait to show you around!

Day 2 - 6

Breakfast is included in your accommodation and you can enjoy breakfast at your leisure before we begin each morning session. We start each day with a daily intention circle; an opportunity to reflect on the previous days and to be purposeful with your vision for what you wish to get out of the coming day.

Our circle is followed by our first workshop of the day. Each day we'll have a self leadership and/or business focused workshop designed to give you a chance to explore the theme of what it means to be a self led soul. Throughout the week we will explore how to use your innate archetypal strengths, desires and momentum to actively create the impact you wish to gift the world, being 100% true to you.

Scheduled in and around our business workshops will be excursions chosen to support your experience.  We'll be traveling to areas within and surrounding our locations of Siem Reap if you choose Cambodia, or Ubud if you choose Bali. When I say you're in for a real treat with what is planned, I'm not exaggerating.

I've personally experienced each of the excursions and have chosen to include them because of the feelings I walked away with, the expansion they have facilitated, the personal understanding I gain and the fun I have. I have complete faith you'll love them as much as I have and can't wait to share them with you. Some I've returned to year after year for over a decade as they have literally taken my already transformational Retreat and travel experiences to a whole new level.

Day 6 Evening of our final full day

As a way to reflect on your experiences and growth from the past week I've organised a very special evening for us all.  I don't want to reveal too much as yet, but let's just say there's food involved, lots of fun and Bragaudacious style celebration.

Day 7: Final session

Our final morning together and the last of our workshops. It'll be a morning where memories are made, friendships are truly cemented and you get to instill that extra layer of integration so you can take home the best of your week and continue to leverage all the goodness for days, weeks, months and years to come.

Traveling home

We officially finish late morning on the dates listed above, so if you need to travel home today please ensure you book a late afternoon or evening flight as it'll take a couple of hours at least to get back to the airport from Ubud. Siem Reap is closer to the airport but I always allow plenty of time. I definitely suggest you allow 3 hours before your flight departure time to be at the airport.  Never underestimate the slow processing at an Asian airport!  Always better to allow plenty of time and I'll remind you of all of this well before you get to booking flights.
"expansive info, life lessons and fun activities"

Where do I even being with this most wonderful retreat that I have just experienced, led by Shannon. Every day was such a learning experience for me. Shannon’s workshops were filled with so much juicy expansive info, life lessons and fun activities. Then going out and experiencing Bali, in all it’s beauty and enhancing what we learnt in the workshops was just magnificent.

With Shannon’s Thrive Factor Archetypes interwoven into the workshops there was a lot of self discovery, learning our strengths and weaknesses and how to use these qualities within our businesses for the better. I loved everything about this retreat and took so much away from it and most importantly learned to become more aware of what we as ourselves have to offer the world. I have already booked for next year”

Jo Wilson, Jo Wilson Design
"Shannon sets people up to be successful"

“I’ve watched Shannon achieve miracles with clients for several years now. Having just attended her Limitless Business Retreat 2018 I couldn’t wait to book for 2019. She is an incredible facilitator with passion for success in each of her clients, be it personal or professional achievements – she sets people up to succeed. Can’t thank you enough Shannon for sharing your special knowledge to get the right outcomes – Thank you" 2018

"Second year of retreat and still SO MUCH VALUE gained to design my ideal business! I ticked off most of the goals I set last year and it truly was effortless" 2019

Donna Gordin, Home 2 Home Realty
"I discovered ME!"

“I highly recommend attending a Business Retreat with Shannon Dunn. If you come with an open mind you will truly discover what is possible; the result of your limitlessness.
I came to work on my business and I discovered ME!"

Holly-Ann Martin, OAM, Founder of Safe 4 Kids; Protective Behaviours Expert Educator, Advocate for children globally!

"Take time to reflect, assess and articulate what makes you, you!"

“I highly recommend a Business Retreat with Shannon to take time to reflect, assess and articulate what makes you, you. Getting really comfortable in who I am and finding my voice and my desire to shine a light on my clients numbers, so they can thrive as business owners has been transformational. I have big goals for 2020 and a clear vision for how to accomplish them"

Chelsea Sanginiti, the Illuminator and chief numbers wrangler at First Class Accounts
where are we staying?
In Bali and Cambodia we'll be staying at the fabulous locations that are used to hosting groups of varying sizes. Don't be surprised if someone asks you in Ubud, Bali, if that is your retreat of choice, if you are in a yoga group!

I have found that sharing we are a "business" group has been amusing as it is not something the Ananda team in Bali expect to hear. They are intrigued about what we actually do! I am sure in Cambodia the intrigue will be the same.

You'll be in your own private room which is super important. No sharing or wondering how you'll get that down time so many people crave.

The rooms will be are simple in layout, spacious inside, often have a balcony space to sit outside, have tea and coffee making facilities and a small bar fridge - so everything you need for a comfortable stay.

We will host some of our business workshops in the workshop/studio space, offering us our own place to create and get down to business. Other workshops may be hosted in other areas of the property or off site. It all depends on what feels most aligned for our itinerary.

Other guests will be at the property, but I have found most people keep to themselves and as a group we will effortlessly blend in and become part of the fabric of the space. Divine!
what is included?
7 nights accommodation in a private, spacious, air conditioned room, with private bathroom, a bar fridge to keep your drinks cool and snacks fresh, and more. It's a space all for you giving you a chance to experience your own beautiful sanctuary to relax and enjoy!
7 breakfasts, with a selection from the freshly made menu, including local dishes and western favourites. Any food allergies or intolerances can be catered for
Some evening meals. They could be at our accommodation or off site as some of our excursions may move into the evening. There will be times we eat off site as a group, some of these will be included, some may be at your own expense. These days most tourist areas of Bali offer a diverse range of options to cater to the many visitors. Anywhere we eat will have both local Indonesian and western options. Drinks will always be at your own expense
At least 6 business focused workshops designed to give you an opportunity to explore the themes of our Leadership & Legacy Retreat - Self Led Soul - and to return home with renewed energy, focus, momentum and a deeper connection to a group of other women in business with their own inspiring visions and dreams to create impact
At least 4 off site excursions to local places you'll absolutely adore - let's just say there's a divine mix of self care and nurturing, honouring who you are and what you're creating and chances to reconnect to your own innate potential
A spa experience where we will be immersing ourselves in the best self care indulgence I can find. I will be sure to check it's still as phenomenal as I remember before you all arrive
A special dinner to celebrate the end of our time together! This is super magic and extra delicious and will be a beautiful way to acknowledge our retreat and to take the final steps to integrate ready to travel home. The cost of our celebration dinner will be at your own expense
Workbooks, worksheets and any materials you may need for the business workshops. If there's anything particular you like to work with you can bring that along. A detailed overview of what to bring or consider bringing, will be provided at least a month before we begin our retreat 
Other surprises included to make this a truly delectable journey you'll be grateful for, for years to come! Creating these is one of my favourite things to do and it is different every year
Thrive Factor Experience (Profiling)

If you haven't yet had your profile completed you will be able to take the assessment and receive your report the month or two before we go away and experience a "meet your Thrive Factor 1:1 experience with Shannon" (valued at $280 USD and included as a bonus for anyone who does not know her Thrive Factor Archetypes)

If you know your Thrive Factor Archetypes, then get excited about reaquainting yourself with your Archetypes in relation to their influence on leadership and legacy and being a self led soul. We'll be referring to them throughout the retreat.

In 2024 all participants receive a 1:1 45 min Thrive Factor coaching session with Shannon to explore your Archetypes, no matter when you were profiled and whether you were profiled previously by Shannon or a licensed Thrive Factor Coach®. This bonus session is valued at $480 USD / $700 AUD (approx). This session is completed in the month before retreat commences.

Virtual group sessions within the 2 weeks before and after retreat

  • The first session is a welcome and get to know each other and a chance to have any final questions you have answered.
  • The second session is a way to check in together and see how you're going with the action you are taking and integrating back home into your life and businesses. You will feel changed after this retreat. It is part of the magic retreats create. Sometimes it feels easy to slide back to pre-life retreat. Other times it can feel a little more challenging. I'm here to support you after too, so you don't have to worry about this at all!
Did I say pressies? or have I only mentioned surprises?

Well there will be all sorts of things to make your stay the best experience! You feeling spoiled and taken care of as you expand the way you take care of yourself is one of many benefits of Thrive Factor Co retreats

love all of the above but intrigued as to how you can amplify this experience?  select one of 3 VIP experiences  (3 available per retreat)
The VIP experience was created for a select group of Retreat sisters who want to next level their experience and it includes two distinct parts

More time in Cambodia or Bali! (valued at $1500)
  • an extra nights accommodation at the end of the initial retreat dates, so you will depart on the 24 hours after your retreat sisters!
  • this means an additional 24 hours of focusing on and celebrating you
  • an afternoon and evening of activities to deepen your learning and integration of the Retreat experience
  • a shared dinner at one of the most incredible restaurants in our location
  • a morning experience before your departure

Business expansion coaching for 8 weeks after you return (valued at $4800)
  • 4 x private 1:1 coaching sessions with me (Shannon) via Zoom where we will focus on key areas you identified during retreat to expand you and your business
  • access to a private messaging channel so you can ask questions, get support as needed and share your celebrations
  • a group celebration call at roughly the 4-6 week mark to embody the entire experience - I have something truly incredible planned for this
"The VIP option really was a no-brainer! As a long term private client of Shannon's, the ability to upgrade to extra time on retreat and the bonus coaching sessions on return home is one of the best investments I have ever made! The extra day we had in Bali this year was so special. After an amazing week it was such a gift to be taken care of for a whole extra day. The activities Shannon chose for us were the perfect wrap up to a life changing week. I loved everything so much I have already booked a VIP place for Cambodia in 2024"

Lou Carbone, The Peppermint Tree


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what is not included?
Your flights to and from your chosen retreat destination country and location. Travel to your chosen destination from your origin destination is 100% your responsibility to book and pay for
Any accommodation for time you spend in the retreat country or location before or after the retreat.  If you'd like to add days before or after I can certainly offer recommendations
Costs associated with visa's, travel insurance, vaccinations and any other health related items you may need to make your experience as comfortable as possible.  The terms and conditions can be accessed via the registration page and include further details
Airport transfer transport. Any transport required, to and from the International airport and our retreat location or your accommodation if you're arriving early or staying after retreat is not included.

If you want to organise ahead of time, Thrive Factor Co will support you to organise a driver or appropriate transportation to the venue selected. This transport will be at your own expense. Depending on your arrival there may be opportunity to share transport with another participant

Spending money
There's plenty of great opportunities to shop for all sorts of treasures from silver jewellery through to comfy, casual clothes.  Be sure to bring spending money with you if you like to shop as there will also be opportunity to shop in your personal time and on your day off mid week

There are a number of amazing opportunities to eat close to where we are staying so there is lots to explore.  There's also frequently mini marts close to accomodation to stock up on snacks and any other general things you may need to make your stay super comfortable

Most dinners
Some of our meals in the evening will be consumed at local restaurants. These will be mostly at your own expense and your Retreat itinerary will advise when this is the case. Your final itinerary will be provided at the Retreat

it's time to say yes to you!
The only thing left to do is register!

There are 8 places available for each retreat in 2024 and they'll be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Your Investment for this week long experience in 2024 starts from $3800 AUD (+ GST if you're an Australian based business).

If you want to expand your experience then the VIP option is your ideal opportunity to immerse yourself into the Retreat, add another day to your adventure and get personalised coaching from me for the 8 weeks after Retreat to leverage every part of your learning and expansion.

The VIP immersion starts from $6000, for an additional $7500 value!

The VIP upgrade is designed to extend beyond your initial transformational Retreat experience. A payment plan is also available for VIP.

Pay in full or take advantage of the multi part payment plans for either option. As of the 25th June 2023 the payment plan will reduce in the number of monthly payments and the number of payments in the payment plan continues to decrease as we get closer to the retreat. More details below of the monthly changes to the payment plan are provided.

All information is revealed on the registration and payment page which you can access after completing the form below. This information is for team Thrive Factor to be able to communicate with you about the Retreat.

My Retreats have sold out quickly each time and in 2023 the VIP places sold out first, so if you are keen to be a part of this, don't hesitate.

Once sold out, there will be a waiting list in the event that anyone who originally registered is not able to join us. A place will be offered to the first person on the list and so on, until the place is filled.

Cambodia Option - March 2024

To summarise, your investment for
Retreat pay in full is: $3800 - 3 places available

Payment plan

From 10th September 2023: Retreat 5 part payment plan, monthly installments: $836 x 5
From 10th October 2023: Retreat 4 part payment plan, monthly installments: $1045 x 4

VIP pay in full: $6000 - 2 places available

From 10th September 2023: Retreat 5 part payment plan, monthly installments: $1320 x 5
From 10th October 2023: Retreat 4 part payment plan, monthly installments: $1650 x 4

If any places remain open beyond October 2023, the monthly installments will decrease in number each month as we get closer to retreat. Payment must be made in full at least two months before departure and the payment plans are designed to ensure this occurs.

Prices are exclusive of GST for Australian residents.

Bali Option - August 2024

To summarise, your investment for
Retreat pay in full is: $3800

Payment plan

From 10th September 2023: Retreat 9 part payment plan, monthly installments: $465 x 9
From 10th October 2023: Retreat 8 part payment plan, monthly installments: $523 x 8

VIP pay in full: $6000

From 10th September 2023: Retreat 9 part payment plan, monthly installments: $667 x 9
From 10th October 2023: Retreat 8 part payment plan, monthly installments: $750 x 8

If any places remain open beyond October 2023, the monthly installments will decrease in number each month as we get closer to retreat. Payment must be made in full at least two months before departure and the payment plans are designed to ensure this occurs.

Prices are exclusive of GST for Australian residents.

Register for the Self Led Soul Retreats in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 5-12th March 2024
Complete the form here to get access to the payment links to secure your place.

Total of 8 places, including 3 VIP are available.

As of 8th August 2023, 5 places are available, including 2 VIP!

Yes, I'll see you in Cambodia in 2024!
Register for the Self Led Soul Retreat in Ubud, Bali, August 17th-24th 2024
Complete the form here to get access to the payment links to secure your place.

Total of 8 places, including 3 VIP are available!

Yes, I'll see you in Bali in 2024!
meet your retreat leader, Shannon Dunn
Hey there fabulous one

I can't wait to see you in either Cambodia or Bali soon. While it might feel like forever away, it will be here before we know it. Getting back to retreating in Bali after the world stopped only a couple of months after my last retreat in late 2019 was such a joy in May 2023.

I've been retreating in Bali as both a participant and retreat host for over a 13 years and always returned with outdated layers and limits gone and fresh new perspectives, energy and momentum unleashed.

Attending a retreat at least annually became a non negotiable for me after my first retreat experience. It is truly life changing and life affirming as an experience and hard to put into words. As one of my retreat loving friends says often, retreats change lives. I can 100% attest they do - and for the better.

in 2018 the inaugural Limitless Business Retreat was an incredible success and truly loved by every attendee. In 2019 there was a repeat performance and 10 women participated with all their might to create a week of true, profound transformation. 50% of the 2018 attendees returned in 2019 because their first experience was so profound.

It is so exciting to me to have evolved the Limitless Business Retreat into the Leadership & Legacy Retreat for ambitious souls here to make an impact in the world. I have learned so much more since late 2019 about business and what it means to be a self led woman creating legacy and I can’t wait to share this with you and support you in all the ways you dream to expand more into who you are and what you dream to be, do, have and become.

Claiming your self leadership and creating impact is not something to be taken lightly. It will make you feel unstoppable. Are you ready?

p.s. If you'd like to read more about me and my business expertise and dreams you can on my website

2023 All Rights Reserved Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Co

for all things coaching, speaking and working with Shannon visit
Read Shannon's Inclusion Journey Statement here
Listen to She Leads She Thrives podcast here
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Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified if requested. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our content is influenced by and depends on the a large number of factors, including your past personal and business experience and the time you dedicate to our products, services, programs, ideas, strategies and techniques shared with you along with your finances, knowledge and various skills. As these factors differ according to each individual, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. But we want you to succeed and achieve the outcomes you want to experience. We commit to working with you within the scope of our practice to support this to happen.

i, Shannon Dunn, CEO and founder of Thrive Factor Co have over two decades of coaching and business training and expertise. I am also a qualified counselor and therapist and practice with trauma awareness due to my professional experience and expertise. I am acutely aware of my scope of practice and will refer you to a more suitable form of support or guidance if what you want and need is not something I am qualified or equipped to provide. I am continually learning and evolving as a coach and I am dedicated to leading by example. I am committed to practicing from an ethical position and always willing to meet you where you are at and to work collaboratively with you to find the right solution or solutions for you.

As I evolve and become more informed about the most appropriate ways to work with you as a coach and an educator, things may change in our business model. Any change will be made with the best interests of our clients front of mind and heart and always communicated to our valued community if it affects any current commitment you have made with Thrive Factor Co.

As a company we believe in a pricing model that offers a range of options. We believe in payment plans and offer them for a majority of our services and programs. We do not agree with marketing that is driven by scarcity and fear of missing out, or that preys on personal insecurities or beliefs. As of January 2023 will began offering a flat rate pricing structure, thus removing early bird pricing and savings for pay in full. We do not believe in "penalising" anyone who chooses a payment plan by making you pay more than the small additional amount of administrative fees incurred administratively for offering payment plans. Please be patient as we transition this change across the company and our entire suite of offers, products, programs and services.

Unless otherwise stated, there is a 30 day written notice period to cancel ongoing coaching services. Any payments due in the time between your request to cancel and the end of the 30 day period, will be charged as per the agreed rate. No refunds are available on masterclasses or programs, masterminds. For retreats and other in person events you will find relevant cancellation and refund policies included in your related agreement.

If at any time you are not satisfied with your experience, reach out to Thrive Factor co and let us know. When you work with us you are provided with the contact details needed to communicate with us. You will always be listened to and your concerns, queries or anything else you raise with us will be acknowledged with respect, confidentiality and taken seriously.

Last reviewed May 2023.