Are you ready to sing from the rooftops, pom poms waving, glitter bombs tossed in the air? Or do you find yourself trapped in a state of critical self talk, down playing all your hard earned accomplishments and swirling in the vortex of comparison?

The way celebration is expressed is as unique and original as the fabulous individuality within every woman. Forever putting others first and believing there are things more important to give time and attention to, women the world over resist celebrating unless there’s good cause.

Self celebration?

What even is that?

Caught up in beliefs, cultural norms, societal expectations, family ways, the resistance to celebrating is a reality for too many ambitious, creative, wise, rebellious, regal, inspirational, adventurous, visionary, heroic, liberating, nurturing, connecting, magical, diplomatic, leading, loving, expansive women.

International award winning author, business woman and creator of the Thrive Factor Framework ™️, Shannon Dunn is back with her latest offering that promises to connect you with the bold art of self celebration.

Drawing on the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes created for women in business and leadership (but valuable for all women), Bragaudacious; the art of bold self celebration, is a 12 month guided journey supporting you to explore what it truly means to celebrate as you expand yourself and embody a state of true and total thriving.

Your Bragaudacious year will be one where you are supported to embrace the art of bold self celebration, inspired by one Thrive Factor Archetype at a time.

Shannon offers a new way to activate thriving, this time through the lens of self celebration. Ingenious women of the world this is your call to celebrate YOU.

Queue the pom poms.

Your time has arrived to become a part of the Bragaudacious sisterhood!

An excerpt of the foreword...

"The power of celebration in our lives cannot be understated, and there's no one I know that's better at helping you to understand this power (and activate it within yourself) than Shannon.  

The way Shannon teaches the art of celebration is in line with the way she models and teaches thriving, through her creation, the Thrive Factor Framework ™ and it’s 12 Archetypes. 

When Shannon asked me to write this foreword, I was speechless. 

"Who, me? Write a book foreword? Can I?"

I doubted that this was something I was worthy of. 

Then, I remembered the power of celebration, and I celebrated the fact that I get to be a small part of something that I believe is going to change the world.

This book.

I'm humbled, I'm grateful, and I'm celebrating. 

I hope you're ready for a life-changing experience… the experience of eternal celebration of yourself and everything else in your life as Shannon calls it, it’s being Bragaudacious"

Cassie Howard
The Limitless Woman

236 full colour pages of glorious opportunity to tap into the art of bold self celebration & amplified thriving on every level
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My pom poms are ready for Bragaudacious!
I'm so excited!
Meet Bragaudacious author Shannon Dunn

A super creator, visionary thinker, liberation loving, inspiration seeking, wisdom woman, chai devotee, disco tragic and stand-up paddleboard enthusiast, Shannon Dunn is an international award-winning Australian businesswoman, retreat leader, regularly sought out as a keynote speaker and author of highly acclaimed, Authors Show business book of the year 2019 winner, The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone.

Shannon coaches, teaches and cheers ingenious and ambitious coaches, creatives and impact makers to turn wisdom into profit, unlock their effortless success zone, break up with unhealthy hustle and make rippling impact by embracing their inner quiet rebel.

She leads a Thrive Factor Coach ™️ certification and has a huge ambition to ripple thriving into the world.

This all new pom pom infused book is destined to be a game changer as it nourishingly encourages and lovingly supports the women of the world to open up to and actively engage in self celebration. The result? More celebration, unashamedly sharing of all the fabulous parts of your day to day and an amplification of thriving.

Watch out for #bragaudaciousmoments being shared everywhere!

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